Tree Stands and Blinds Used by Licensed Hunters at NJ State Parks

The State Park Service has adopted a relaxation of its administrative code provision, NJAC 7:2-2.18 (d) in order to clarify the use of tree stands and blinds effective August 1, 2017:

  1. The temporary use of stands or blinds while hunting shall be permitted on land and waters administered by the State Park Service by individuals registered and licensed by the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife wherever the harvesting of game is permitted. 
  2. Stands or blinds may be erected thirty (30) days prior to the starting date of the hunting season and may remain in place until fourteen (14) days after the closing date. The term “season” used herein shall be commensurate with the specific time of year of the license type and special permit possessed by the individual. 
  3. Stands or blinds that remain outside the permissible time periods shall be considered as abandoned and shall be subject to the provisions of the “SPS Lost and Found Policy 2.09”. 
  4. The presence and use of stands or blinds shall not infer or grant exclusive use of the immediate or contiguous properties surrounding the equipment. 
  5. Stands or blinds shall be considered as personally-owned equipment and the State warrants no protections from loss, use by others or theft. 
  6. Stands or blinds are required to be conspicuously marked with the owner’s Conservation Identification Number (CID) and other contact information. 
  7. Stands or blinds shall not be placed in dead trees or those exhibiting signs of disease. 
  8. The use of spikes, nails, screws or any other fastening device that pierces a tree or shrub is expressly prohibited. 
  9. Hunters may deploy and use only one (1) stand or blind at any given point in time. 

hunting maps

Six Mile Run Hunting Map

Deer Hunting

Designated areas of the park are open to deer hunting during Fall, Permit and Winter Bow. Deer Management Zone 14 regulations apply. The park is closed to deer hunting at all other seasons. 

Turkey Hunting

Spring and Fall Turkey Hunting, Bow Only, is permitted. Zone 11 Management regulations apply.

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