Blackwells Mills
Franklin Township, New Jersey

The bridge tender's house (occupied by the last bridge tender into the early 1970s), wooden bridge and mill site are reminders of the area's active 19th century past. Several annual events are held at the canal house (contact the Blackwell's Mills Canal House Association for the current schedule of events). This historic site provides access to the canal, towpath and river. Parking lot for access to the Six Mile Run trails is located nearby.

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Bulls Island
Route 29, Stockton, New Jersey

Bulls Island Recreation Area facilities include a park office with year-round restroom facilities, picnic area, boat launches into Delaware River and the D&R Canal and access to the Park’s linear multi-use trail along the river and Route 29. A pedestrian bridge over the river provides a connection to the Delaware Canal State Park in Pennsylvania and river loop trail. In addition to these amenities visitors can explore the Bulls Island Natural Area by hiking a mile-long trail leading through a lowland floodplain forest where ostrich ferns, sycamores and stately tulip poplars can be seen.

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Franklin Township, New Jersey

The wooden bridge over the canal, the mill/mule tender's barracks building, the bridge tender's house and station and the site of the former Griggstown mill are situated at this historic section of the canal. Canoes can be rented at a private canoe rental concession on the canal. The Griggstown lock (lock #9) is less than a mile south along the towpath.

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South Brunswick Township, New Jersey

One of the more heavily visited spots along the canal. Here the visitor can see lock #8, the lock/bridge tender's house and station, and a 19th century mill site that are all located along Route 27. This site also provides access to two miles of towpath along scenic Carnegie Lake.

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Port Mercer
Lawrence Township, New Jersey

Located behind the Mercer Mall along Quaker Road adjacent to the canal in Lawrence Township is what remains of the small community of Port Mercer. Here visitors will find the bridge tender's house that was once home to the canal company employee who operated the swing bridge at this location. Along with the historic bridge house and stationary wood bridge crossing, only a handful of 19th century homes remain at this location.

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Prallsville Mills
Route 29, Stockton New Jersey

This 19th century mill complex, located along the feeder canal in the small town of Stockton, contains a sawmill, gristmill and linseed oil mill. The site is leased and operated by the Delaware River Mill Society, which sponsors concerts and other programs on site.

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Six Mile Run Reservoir Site
Somerset, New Jersey

Nestled in central New Jersey, the Six Mile Run Reservoir Site provides an preserved area (3,037 acres of land) for the public to enjoy the splendor of nature. This oasis of undeveloped land offers several designated trails to hike, bike, horseback ride, bird watch and areas to hunt.

The Six Mile Run Reservoir Site, located in Franklin Township, Somerset County, has a rich cultural history. Today, you can still find 18th century farmhouses, Dutch-framed granaries and barns that tell the story of the first Dutch settlers who inhabited the area in the 1700s. Farming has always played a significant part here, providing agricultural goods as well as a sense of rural charm. Currently, much of the land is leased to the public for agricultural purposes. The remaining acreage consists of forested lands and open fields creating a habitat for a variety of plants and wildlife.

The land was first acquired by the State of New Jersey in 1970 by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Water Resources as a future reservoir site to serve as both a water supply and a recreational area for the public. In 1993 alternative water supply sources were discovered and the administration of the property was transferred to the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry.

Six Mile Run Reservoir Site has remained an undeveloped corner of central New Jersey offering vistas of farm fields and forests in an ever-expanding community. We encourage you to take the opportunity to experience the beauty of this unique area.

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